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- More website traffic?
- More store traffic?
- More phone calls?
- More qualified leads?
- More top of mind awareness?
- More trackable sales?

We can provide you the smartest advertising solutions for your sales growth!

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Fish Fest is one of the best ways you can advertise your business to thousands of people!

1) Tell people you will be at the event
2) Meet your potential customers at the event
3) Continue to invite them to do business with you after the event

Great solutions that WORK for you to grow your sales with Fish Fest, can also be found when you watch this video below.


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10 Times Return On Advertising Investment

"We can, with almost 100% certainty, record who came from our email marketing. When comparing how much we've spent on the emails vs sales, ROI is well over 10x the amount we've spent. Not only just new customers, but we have signed customers up on maintenances from these emails, meaning they will continue to use our services. The teams that work on these emails make sure everything we need and want is not only met, but that they exceed our expectations. Reporting like this, is one of the many reasons Bloom will be a customer for a very long time."


Radio Grows Advertisers Sales


Radio Advertising Works

"Business has exploded with record revenue and referrals sourced through advertising with The Fish, outperforming nationally syndicated ads."


"Increased bookings by 20% and received 40,000 hits on the website and created word of mouth buzz."


Pay Per Clicks Grows Business

Concussion PDX results

- 9 new patients one week
- 6 new patients another week
- Hiring 2 new assistants & 1 new doctor
- Went from working 3 days a week to 6 days a week
- Doubled business at a 100% Increase


Over 20 years on Salem Media Group!

Tim's Aatco Transmission results

- Long-term radio advertising works excellent
- 52-week radio schedule provides good results
- Solid growth
- Advertising since 2002
- Salem Media Group delivers a good group of customers


"Invested $15K in a three-week promotion and ad campaign. Utilized high frequency scheduling one spot an hour using 'on-air' voice talent endorsements. Grossed $150K in sales." 


"Outstanding numbers in the first week of our Fish/Fred Meyer Friday promo. Sold a record number of Fred Meyer Reward Card Deals and the crowd loved the goody bags."


Your Investment in Your Business Will Pay Off


Get a complete marketing plan

"I loved working with the Salem Surround team to help create a marketing campaign for my company! They were creative, took the time to understand my business, identify our needs and then walked me through each step of the marketing process! They even created a campaign specific for different aspects of my business that I wanted highlighted. We immediately had customers contact us and let us know it was due to the marketing done by Salem Surround. I would highly recommend them!"


Radio matters, please click below to discover why!


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