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Dear Loyal Listener-

You already know what makes AM radio great. Whether it’s tuning your favorite talk show, listening to your local church service, hearing up-to-date news, or getting a weather forecast. These are just some of the ways our listeners depend on us.

And you may not know, AM radio stations make up the backbone of the emergency alert system – the tool used to keep the public safe in times of crisis.

More than 80 million Americans each month depend on AM radio stations across the country. Yet despite this, certain automobile manufacturers have taken AM radio out of their electric vehicles. Some have even signaled they may remove AM from future models of all their vehicles.

We need your help!

If you could take just two minutes to send a message to your members of Congress about why AM radio is important to keep in the car, it would make an incredible difference.

We’ve made it easy. When you click here:, you will be taken to a site with a pre-populated email (feel free to personalize this as you like). You can add your mailing address, and this email will be sent to your representatives and senators on Capitol Hill.

We don’t want AM radio listeners to be left in the dark. It’s important to send a message today to Congress asking them to advocate for AM radio with automakers.

Your help can make all the difference.

With gratitude,

Allen Power
President of Broadcast Media

Salem Media Group


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