Important Streaming Information

October 20 was an important day.

Why, you ask?  Because as of October 20, we are providing our live stream (accessible through the internet via a variety of devices - PCs, laptops, mobile and tablets) only to our members.  If you're currently a member of The Fish Listener Club (and many of you are), there's nothing more you need to do other than login when requested to do so to begin your live stream session.

What if you're not a member?  Well, you can solve that right now by clicking here.  There's no cost and it will take you about 2 minutes to complete your registration. Here are some of the member benefits:

  • Stream station music and other programming
  • Enter sweepstakes and contests easily, like the one on the left below where you can win a $250 Amazon Gift Card.  Or how about the one on the right below (which begins on November 1) -- our annual, ever-popular holiday promotion - "The Christmas Mortgage Miracle Sweepstakes" where someone will win their mortgage (or rent) payments for all of 2021.  (See Terms & Conditions for complete details.)


  • Take surveys and provide input to our company, our program partners and/or our clients
  • Purchase tickets to certain events before the general public
  • Sit in special sections at certain events not available to non-members
  • Receive discounts to certain events, for certain products and businesses not available to non-members
  • Get free items not available to non-members

Initially, anyone (whether they're a member or not) will be able to listen to our live stream online 3 different times without becoming a member.  But, on the 4th time, they'll need to login to continue enjoying our programming.

Not yet a member?  Why not?  It's fast, easy and free.

Click here to join now!

Still have questions on user accounts or registration?  Click here for help.


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