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Mandisa - "Bleed The Same" (Official Music Video)

In light of the rise of racial tension that has come upon our country, Mandisa was moved to write this anthem that tells us we have more in common than we do separately. 

Featuring both TobyMac and Kirk Franklin, here's the official music video for "Bleed the Same".

Matthew West - "Broken Things" (Official Music Video)

Matthew West brings us this amazing reminder.  We may all be broken and limited, but "Grace is a kingdom with gates open wide..."  That's where God comes in, using broken people and broken things!
Here is the official music video of his powerful song, "Broken Things".

Micah Tyler - "Different" (Official Music Video)

For the times that God purposefully puts us in uncomfortable places to stretch us, Micah Tyler ("Never Been a Moment") has written this song out of his own personal experience.

In a beautiful rustic setting, here's the official music video for Micah Tyler's "Different".  

Tenth Avenue North - "Control" Official Music Video

“What if I told you God doesn’t need you, He wants you?" asks Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North. "What if I told you that your loveliness to God doesn’t rise and fall with your usefulness to Him? God doesn't need us to be successful, He wants us to be surrendered.” 

Tenth Avenue North debuts the video for their hit single, "Control."

We Are Messengers - "Point to You" (Official Music Video)

To see We Are Messengers perform, it is immediately apparent that their heart’s aim is to always put Jesus on display. “Point To You,” backs this up!  It's a standout song on the group's debut album.

Here's the official music video of "Point to You".

TobyMac - "Feel It" (Official Music Video)

TobyMac’s latest album, This Is Not A Test is an essential reminder that we only have one shot at life. He and the Diverse City band give it all they’ve got in this slammin’ music video for Toby’s song, “Feel It”!

Featuring Mr. Talkbox

NEEDTOBREATHE - "Hard Love" (Official Music Video)

After a path of disagreements that almost broke the band up, the band of brothers Bear and Bo Reinhart - otherwise known as NEEDTOBREATHE - have new musical life breathed into them - as we hear from this official music video of the title track of their latest album, Hard Love. 
Featuring singer Andra Day

Matthew West - "Grace Wins" (Official Music Video)

With a definite connection to his previous hit, "Hello My Name Is", Matthew West now comes out with another declarative song, leaning on the redeeming power of Grace!  Here's the official music video for "Grace Wins"!

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