Chris Tomlin Shares The Heart Behind His Song “Home”

The song that Chris Tomlin was least likely to record on this album has become one of his most impacting songs!  Here, Chris tells us the heartfelt meaning behind the song, "Home". 

"We all know this world we’re living in is not what it was meant to be. There’s so much fear, so much suffering, so much sorrow, so much pain but the beauty that this song points to is that one day Jesus is going to make all things new. There will be no more sin, no more sorrow, the chains will be broken and we will see what it was all meant to be.” – Chris Tomlin

In a recent feature in USA, Chris was asked how he would even start to create "heaven" in a video. 
“How do you make a visual out of Heaven?” Tomlin said. “No one has ever seen it. The Bible does describe it but you can’t get your head around it in some ways. All I kept coming back to is light, it’s filled with light. So we set out on this path to make this video that tried to capture a little bit of the emotion of going to a place called home.”

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