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Jordan Feliz - 'Faith' (Official Lyric Video)

Using video footage from his early childhood to where he is today as a headlining Christian artist, Jordan Feliz gives us a glimpse into his own life story with his song, "Faith"!

Jordan is currently touring with TobyMac, but is also involved in his own headlining "Faith Tour".  

“We believed God had made it clear from the beginning we should move to Nashville,” Jordan says, “but that didn’t mean it was easy. After we got here I couldn’t find a job. My wife and I were sharing one car. I was posting handyman ads on Craigslist and working as a valet downtown. I could hardly get any people to write songs with me. Then we found out we were pregnant and there was so much that seemed up in the air and kind of scary. In the last few months though, it’s just been like this whirlwind of good things falling into place. I signed the record deal with Centricity Music in February of this year and I finished the Beloved record July 5th. Then, I actually won a brand new car, completely out of the blue, right before my daughter was born July 20th. My first single went to radio July 31st. After so much difficulty and uncertainty, God answered our prayers. He is there for all of us and all we have to do is remain faithful.”

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