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MercyMe Appears on GMA3, Talks About Inspiration for 'Say I Won't'

GRAMMY® nominated, Billboard Music Award and Dove Award-winning band MercyMe appeared on Good Morning America's GMA3 April 15 in a special segment with their friend and inspiration behind their new hit single, "Say I Won't."  

The interview was an opportunity to both inform and inspire; giving a whole new, greater national audience the chance to hear about Gary Miracle's "miracle" - and the group's amazing song!

Here is MercyMe's interview on Good Morning America 3:

“Say I Won’t” was inspired by the story of Gary Miracle, who worked with the band for many years on the road. Miracle lost both arms and legs in January of 2020 after falling into septic shock due to complications from the flu. His story is one of strength and profound faith.  The track is one of 16 on their April 30 release, inhale (exhale). 

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