A Father's Fight wins "Best Feature"

MercyMe - Best News Ever (Official Lyric Video)

We all hear about being the best you can be and to try harder.  But what if, in relation to getting to heaven, the work's already been done for you?  That's the message behind MercyMe's song, "Best News Ever".  

As you watch this video, we think you'll agree - it's the best news EVER!


MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard confesses it's one of his favorite songs off the group's album, Lifer.  For him, the song is a huge encouragement for those who are trying to work for God's love and favor.  

"...the way I grew up was, be all that you can be and you’ll get what you deserve. You know, work harder and try harder. It’s like, wait a minute what if somebody came and told me “Hey, the work has already been done, the fight has already be won.” That’s what makes the Gospel not the Good News but the Best News Ever, so I do think message wise this is like a flagship on the record." 

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