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Prayers Asked for Big Daddy Weave Bassist

Members of Big Daddy Weave are in shock and ask fans and listeners everywhere to be in prayer regarding the band's bassist (and singer Mike Weaver's brother) Jason Weaver.  Yesterday, their social media made mention of a massive infection that Jason was battling and that they needed intervention right away.

Today, the band's update is far more serious as we learn that the spread of the infection has necessitated the amputation of Jason's feet.  Here is one update circulating on Facebook: 

Please pray for Jason Weaver bassist of Big Daddy Weave. He is battling an ongoing leg infection which has resulted the amputation of both of his feet. His brother Mike said if they wouldn't have done it and waited 48 hours he may no longer be with us. With every BDW show there is a ritual praying over the crowd to all who need it. This time we need to return the favor and be praying for Jay, his family, doctors and his close friends. Jay has touched so many lives including my own, I've personally witnessed him come down into the crowd to pray with someone in need. See video I took: Please share this post with all the Prayer Warriors.

So we ask you to join us in praying for the arrest of the infection and for healing in Jason's body - and for grace for the entire family as they adjust to this change.

We have an update on Jason's condition HERE


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