We Are Messengers - "Point to You" (Official Music Video)

To see We Are Messengers perform, it is immediately apparent that their heart’s aim is to always put Jesus on display. “Point To You,” an anthemic standout on the group's debut album, supports this claim.

Here's the official music video of "Point to You".

In this article, CCM Magazine succinctly described both the heart that singer Darren Mulligan puts in to each show, and the conviction he has for God, as expressed in "Point to You":
Experiencing this collection in its entirety, one could wonder if part of [lead singer, Darren] Mulligan’s method to his message-madness is to create an intentional dissonance, heightening the awareness of our own sin nature. “When I sat down to write all of these songs, I sought to be honest about how I feel and who I am,” spelling out his plan of vulnerability, “Then, I am going to explain how Jesus meets us in that place—in our humanity.” Merely reading these words won’t capture the intensity and conviction with which Mulligan speaks—he is intensely in love with Jesus, and if given the opportunity, he will let you know about it!

To speak with, or even just see Mulligan perform (whether as an acoustic solo act or with We Are Messengers), it is immediately apparent that his heart’s aim is to always put Jesus on display. “Point To You,” an anthemic standout on the album, supports this claim. “I’m going to point everything back to You because I cannot keep Your glory for myself,” Mulligan boldly states. “I can live in Your glory, rejoice and rest in it—but everything that is beautiful, pure and good I am going to point that back to You.

“God loves us with all our bruises and scars. We can come to Him just as we are. In every situation He is our Hope and we will Praise Him"


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