Jeremy Camp and Wife Adrienne Release 'The Worship Project' Album

If you have watched the movie, I Still Believe, the life story of Jeremy Camp, you know that the biopic covers the first meeting between Jeremy and Adrienne Liesching.  Adrienne is a singer and lyricist herself and wants to learn from Jeremy.  The movie alludes to the chemistry between the two, and something (like marriage) would be ahead.

Fast-forward to today.  Jeremy and Addie have now been married for almost 17 years, raising 3 children.  In all that time, there has been almost no musical collaboration between the couple - Until now!

Recently, Jeremy Camp announced on social media that he and Adrienne have now released a brand new album together called The Worship Project!

"This project is so special for numerous reasons,” said Jeremy on social media. “Adrienne has been such a vital part of this journey as a lot of you know, and we've always been able to minister together, but this is the first time we've ever done a project fully together."

Here's a preview video of what the couple has been working on...

This particular project afforded Adrienne the opportunity to bring forth both vocal and writing skills.  "It was a powerful process hearing her heart and passion displayed in writing and singing. So excited about this new season even in the midst of so many unknowns. Another reason is that the majority of these songs were written during this difficult season we are all experiencing. It was healing and encouraging to say the least. I really do hope that this project would encourage your hearts to fall more in love with Jesus."


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