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Light in the Darkness: A One-Year Update on Word of Life Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine and left utter destruction in their wake. The lives of the Ukrainian people were forever changed on that day. For the missionary staff at Word of Life Ukraine, February 24 began a continuing journey of learning how to shine the light of Christ into the shock and […]

A Recent Testimony From a Sister in Christ

Word of Life missionaries in Ukraine recently had the opportunity to hear the testimony of a fellow believer, Svetlana, who has been serving in her city and providing food, water, and aid to those in need. Her incredible story is a stark reminder of the challenges our Ukrainian brothers and sisters have been facing during […]

Sharing the Bread of Life, Ukraine’s National Weekend of Prayer

Our team’s efforts have continued in Ukraine. Every other day, the guys on our team have been delivering more than 1,000 loaves of bread to distressed cities in the east. This is along with the continuation of evacuation efforts from these dangerous locations. As they have brought this bread to those in need, the team […]

New Life, Life Change, and the Team’s Efforts So Far

Praising God for New LifeWe’re excited to share that on May 24th, the missionary wife we have been praying for, Rita, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His name is Rafael, which means God is my Healer. Rita and her husband, Dima, are thankful for the prayers and support they have received during this […]

New Ministry Opportunities and Unexpected Blessings

Our team has continued to faithfully serve! We are particularly praising God–recently, the missionaries who have been serving within Ukraine were able to spend a week with their wives and children, who are spread across Europe. Some of them decided to return with the guys–there are now three families and two single missionary ladies in […]

An Update from WOL Ukraine: Current Ministries and Next Steps

An update from Matias Raziwiluk, director of Word of Life Ukraine:  Our missionary team is spread out in different countries across Europe. We are trusting God and His way during these hard moments for all of us. We are faced with multiple challenges as a team, apart from having to deal with the reality of […]

Providing Aid to Liberated Towns in Eastern Ukraine

Recently, Matias Radziwiluk, director of WOL Ukraine, shared an update with us: 50 DaysEven as news channels start to focus on other topics, the war in Ukraine rages on. Every day, children are killed, houses are razed to the ground, families are separated, air sirens sound, and rockets are fired. There is much, much pain. […]

The Reality of Wartime Ministry

Below is an update shared with us by Matias Radziwiluk, director of Word of Life Ukraine.  And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ (Matthew 25:40) Trostyanets  In Ukraine, every day of ministry looks a […]

Despite Complications, God is Being Glorified in Ukraine

Things have been growing more and more complicated in Ukraine, but glory be to God, our team continues to be able to serve those in need. So far, our missionaries have evacuated more than 2,100 people to safety. This week, a key part of the evacuation route the team uses was bombed by the Russian …

A Testimony from a Ukrainian Missionary

The following is a testimony from Sergey, one of the eight missionaries who has remained in Ukraine to evacuate civilians and deliver supplies.God has blessed us during this time by using Word of Life and ministries like it to inspire others to evacuate civilians from dangerous areas. The Kyiv “Almaz” Church has worked with us …

Updates from the Director of WOL Ukraine

Last evening on Fox News at Night, Matias Radziwiluk, the director of Word of Life Ukraine, was able to share about the many opportunities our Ukrainian and European teams have had to serve the Ukrainian people over the past three weeks. Despite the horrors of the reality of war, it has been humbling and beautiful …

The Body of Christ Serves Ukrainians Throughout Europe

Our missionaries in Ukraine and the surrounding countries continue to serve in various capacities. In Ukraine, the eight men who remained behind have continued to shuttle citizens from the Chernihiv area. Over the weekend, they were able to evacuate 137 men, women, and children. The team was also able to lead a convoy of seven …

Christ Shines in Spite of Broken Hearts in Ukraine

We received this update from Matias, director of WOL Ukraine, today: After two days of evacuations in the city of Chernihiv, the reality of war has started to settle in. Yesterday, our team of missionaries was joined by a local pastor—whose wife we evacuated to WOL Romania—and another fellow believer, who heard that we were evacuating …

European Missionaries Work Together to Aid Evacuation Efforts

The eight WOL missionaries remaining in Ukraine continue to serve alongside churches to evacuate people and deliver food and supplies to those in need. Currently, the team is working north of Kyiv to evacuate citizens in immediate danger from the Russian onslaught. Just yesterday, they made it to a checkpoint with seven vanloads of people, …

God Provides: Relief Efforts in Ukraine

The eight Word of Life missionaries remaining in Ukraine continue to deliver supplies and evacuate women, children, and the elderly from Kyiv. Thus far, they have been able to transport over 140 people to the border–including, just this morning, 40 adults, 18 children, and 2 newborns. The group has also been able to deliver countless vanloads of …

Serving Those in Need Across Ukraine

On a Zoom call with a leader in the US, Matias described the current state of his team both in Ukraine and across the border. As individuals and families cross the border and seek refuge in neighboring countries, many are being received directly into homes by benevolent strangers waiting at the border to take them …

Word of Life Ukraine: Evacuating Our Team

This morning, after a night full of paperwork and planning, most of our staff crossed the border into Hungary. The line to cross was long and slow, but our team has made it safely. Our group of about 50 people was primarily made up of women and children. The Ukrainian men were not allowed to …

Word of Life Ukraine: A Plea for Prayer

Over a series of voice messages, WOL Ukraine’s director, Matias Radziwiluk, describes the conflict that has been building between neighboring countries, Russia and Ukraine, since 2014. He calmly explains that this conflict has been their reality for eight years, and in fact, the country has learned to flourish in spite of it–all while the world …

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